Len Myers for Mayor of Chesapeake

I am Len Myers,
the next mayor of Chesapeake.

My dear family, friends, and neighbors of the great city of Chesapeake. 2020 has unfolded in a way that none of us could have ever imagined. Our dear city is enduring the greatest public health crisis we have faced in our 57-year history. When I began my run for mayor, I thought I would simply be sharing my positions and solutions on long-standing issues of importance to our city. Now, that’s all changed.

We must now grapple with the very real danger of our business owners losing their businesses; employees losing their jobs; students losing time in school; neighbors losing their homes; and loved ones losing their lives. This pandemic is attacking our families, our economy and our public health system simultaneously. We need strong experienced leadership, now more than ever.

I have been called to lead on many occasions during times of crisis. For over seven years, I served as an officer in the Virginia Defense Force, a component of the Virginia National Guard. There, I led teams in the field as well as at the Joint Operations Center during emergencies declared by the governor in support of localities seeking assistance through the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. I am experienced in operating according to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and I have trained and volunteered with the Chesapeake Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in more recent incidents.

I believe my years of training and experience in emergency planning and operations are invaluable in combatting the unprecedented public health crisis presented by COVID-19, as well as the mounting economic devastation which is certain to be more severe and long-lasting than any of us would ever want. Nevertheless, we will recover.

As a community, we recovered from 9/11 and we weathered the Great Recession. Now, we will overcome COVID-19. As we pray and comfort each other through this difficult season, we will recover. We may be in our homes separate from one another, but we have never been more together.

God Bless our City and help us to bless each other. I hope to have your vote on THE NEW ELECTION DATE OF TUESDAY, MAY 19TH. Thank you!